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Fr. Tom Whitman,
St. Joseph Pastor

 From the Pastor's Desk
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time  

I have had several articles in the bulletin about changes to the Religious Education Program. One of the major changes throughout the diocese is that the following is in force: the normative age for already-baptized Catholics to receive Confirmation in the Diocese of Erie is the spring of ninth grade. However, the implementation of this will be gradual. All students currently in grades 10 and 11 should now be enrolled in this fall’s Confirmation preparation classes to receive the sacrament of Confirmation in the spring of 2023. (All students in 10th and 11th grade and their parents have received a mailing concerning this. A parent/student meeting is being held Sunday, September 18, at 9:30am in the Guild Hall)

Click here for our 2022-23 registration form.


As part of the ongoing Eucharistic Revival in our country, our diocese is sponsoring a Eucharistic Day in each parish on Sunday, October 16. On this weekend, all the Masses will have special readings and music focusing on the Eucharist. The theme for our parish Eucharistic Day is “Feeding the Hungry.” We will focus on how our deepest hungers are fed in the Eucharist and how we then can feed the hunger of others. Everyone will be invited to bring food items for our parish food pantry to Mass that weekend and place them in the sanctuary. After Mass, we would welcome volunteers to stay and help us take these items to the Guild Hall for the food pantry. After the 11:00 Mass, the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for an extended period of silent adoration. At 1:45pm we will conclude the time of silent adoration with benediction.

The food items we ask you to bring for this weekend are items that are most needed for the food pantry. Any of the following items will be greatly appreciated: Canned Vegetables: Corn, Green Beans, Peas, Mixed Vegetables, Carrots. Canned Fruit: Fruit Cocktail, Pears, Peaches. Canned Soup, Cereal, Spaghetti, Pasta Sauce, Salad Dressings, Crackers. Juice (64 oz bottles): Orange, Apple, Grape, etc… (NO Grapefruit Juice). Condiments: Ketchup, Mustard, Relish. Paper Products: Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Napkins. Hygiene Products: Toothpaste, Bar Soaps, Deodorant.

Our parish All Souls Day Prayer Service will be on Wednesday, November 2, at 7:00pm. We will be remembering in prayer all those who have been buried from our parish since last All Souls Day. If you would like to remember someone who died during this time but was not buried from St. Joseph, please contact the parish office to make those arrangements.

Those who purchased a ticket for the Fall Raffle are invited to a dinner on Saturday, October 8, after the 5:15pm Mass. If you have not made your reservation for this dinner, you can sign up in the Gathering Space or call the parish office. The last day to make reservations is Sunday, October 2.

We are all facing the struggles of rising prices as well as shipping delays. We are experiencing the effects of those price increases at our cemeteries as well. Beginning January 1, 2023, there will be increases to the cost of a grave, opening and closing costs, and the price of niches. We are making you aware of these increases now, so that you may purchase those items at the current costs for the next several months. In order to make those purchases, please call the cemetery at 724 346 3711.

We will hold our Fall Raffle on October 8, 2022, after the 5:15 Mass in the Guild Hall. There will be a dinner served after Mass for those who purchased tickets and the winning tickets will be pulled after dinner. The prizes are again, first prize $10,000, second prize $2,000, and third prize $1,000 dollars. Only 500 tickets will be sold, and tickets are $100.00 each. Reservation forms are located at the church exits which you can fill out and return to the office mailbox outside the office door at your convenience or drop in the offertory basket at Mass. We will send you your ticket stub in the mail. You can also make reservations for the dinner on your ticket reservation form.

Click on the image for a pdf of the reservation form.

The readings today speak about opposites and divisions, times of prosperity and times of need. The readings remind us of the struggles we have in our own times and the challenge that Jesus sets before us of working to forge a more unified world.

The first reading has the people enjoying a time of security and prosperity but the prophet, Amos, tells them a time of destruction and oppression is coming soon.

The second reading has Paul trying to encourage the people not to become complacent in their “fight” to keep their faith strong. Paul warms them against becoming lax and their need to be always vigilant to be good and faithful witness for Christ.

The Gospel is the story of the rich man and Lazarus that speaks about those who are so caught up in themselves that they do not see the poor at their doorstep. It also speaks about the divisions that exist between rich and poor, heaven and hell, good and bad, …

The readings challenge us to think differently. We tend to think of things in terms of black and white, right and wrong, us and them. The challenge of Jesus and the Gospel is to remember that we are all in this together and we need to work to together with one another and not against one another. We have lost sight of that common goal of the unity that Jesus calls us to. It is not an easy thing, but something we need to work at constantly.


Mass Schedule

Weekday and Holy Day schedules can be found in the bulletin.

Saturday: 5:15 pm (Vigil)

Sunday: 8:30 am and 11:00 am


Baptism: Baptisms are scheduled by appointment. Class is required for first time parents. Please call the church office to schedule your class. No baptisms during Lent and Advent.

Reconciliation: Saturday afternoons, 4:00-4:30 pm. Confessions at other times by appointment.

Matrimony: By appointment six months in advance.

Sacrament of Holy Orders: Some men fulfill God's call to holiness by serving as priests or permanent deacons. Men, high school age or older, who feel God may be calling them to pursue the Sacrament of Holy Orders should contact our parish priest.


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA): Please call the rectory office.

Prayer Line: For intentions, please call 724-981-3232.

Religious Education Program: CCD Grades K-11, at Case Avenue Elementary, Sundays 9:30 am -10:45 am (during the school year).

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